A bunch of live Coma Jazz Flip albums: hear me drumming or listen to a string quartet play Immermann tunes

I was involved in a few of the Jazz Flip things which Coma puts on at Fringe time. Jazz Flip is where artists or bands get together and swap repertoire for one night.

Here is 1.1 Immermann playing the music of the fabulous Adelaide string quartet Zephyr Quartet:


And here is Zephyr playing our tunes:


I was also in guitarist Dylan Marshall’s band, playing the music of guitarist James Brown. It turned out really well. In a few of the tracks I play drums and drum machine (Roland SP-202) simultaneously.


And while we’re at it, to completely document my history with the Jazz Flip concept, here’s Ross McHenry’s group from 2012 playing the tunes of Lyndon Gray: