Jess Porter – The Surrealist (some engineering) [2012]

Produced by Jess Porter.
All songs written by Jess Porter in North and South America, mid 2011. A large part of the recording and sequencing was done on the road, followed by overdubs at Part Two Studios, Melbourne. All instruments and vocals were performed and recorded by Jess except the drums on tracks 1, 3, 5, 9 and 10, which were played by Nick Russell and engineered by Jarrad Payne at Studio Concréte, Adelaide.

Photos and layout by Spencer Harrison (
Mastered by David Briggs at the Production Workshop, North Melbourne.

Beatnikk, Jarrad Payne, Sares, Flik & Claude, Charlie, Katie K, Mike Jenkins, Mark Curtis, Michael Barendregt, Cool Thomas, Beegasm, Hamish "Sugarkeys" Cox, Trish Davey & family, Kate & Owen, Wenna, Nerea, Nolly, Sirra, Grassy, Anna Nyland, Simon O'Grady, Zoe Daniell, Jess Portlock, Tanya Wilson, Auntie Catherine, Ben Porteous, Mario Späte, Drew Sutherland, Julia Barker and Maria Leotta.
For Spencer, Cameron and my family.

This is an independently released record. Share it around, but encourage legal downloads.


© 2012, Sabretooth Machinegun Records (SMG009)
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