Zeal – With the Moon Alongside Racing Us Home (drums, percussion, some mixing) [2010]


Robert Jarvis Singing, nylon/electric guitar, electric/upright bass, piano, pedal organ, harmonium, melodica, sampling, sequencing, stomping, clapping, drumming, humming, self-oscillating delay pedal, alarm clock, banjo, ukulele, playstation 2, glockenspiel, toy piano, casio. Tike Turner Drums on track 6 and track 10. Dylan Marshall Guitar solo on track 5. Stuart Earl Sax solo on track 8. Brett Woolford Electric guitar on track 6. Jarrad Payne Additional mixing on track 4. Drums and percussion on track 7. Drums, clapping, jeans, bass drum, programming and additional mixing on track 8. Herb Bermann, Tike Turner, Daniel Jordan, Brett Woolford, The Inimitable Dr Zeigwald, Michelle Hardi, Jamie Lyons, Sam Carkagis, Tommy Stonehouse, Hashi Mendis, Anthony Golding, Jason Sweeney, Susi Davies, Chanelle Afford, Alister Douglas, Harry Whizkid and Phebe Rendulic. Choir on Track 5. Chanelle Afford, Jason Sweeney, Harry Whizkid and Alister Douglas. Choir on track 6. Thank you Mum and Dad, Cudge, everyone who contributed their brains, limbs and vocal chords to this album and everyone who bought/stole/listened to/broadcast anything Zeal in the past, present or future. Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Robert Jarvis at The Pentagon throughout 2009. Mastered by William Bowden. Cover art by Robert Jarvis.