Knife And Tube – two live/studio videos

One Sweet Dave

From the video description:

this one features multiple camera shots!
Points of interest:
– bass drum kept moving forward (quite irritating and usually doesn’t happen on carpet. I don’t know why it happened here. Maybe something fell off.)
– bass drum eventually collides with the microphone stand holding the camera (after a cut half way through), causing it too look like the whole room is shaking when I kick – pretty cool if you ask me.
– Dylan did several solo takes wearing the masquerade mask properly, but it started irritating him.
– wallet on snare
– first use of nude ribbon mics in the room with the guitar cabinet. With sm57 of course.
– 3:08: drummer point of view
– 3:18: right-handed Dylan point of view
– kick would have sounded better but someone felt the need to liberate my good kick mic from my house. Ah, thieves. How I hate them.
– cheap Chinese hi-hats modified and made excellent by Craig Lauritsen – (crash is from him too.)
– Once again, all mistakes and inaccuracies have been left in because it’s too hard to fix them when you’re filming at the same time.
– watching in HD improves video and audio quality!

Knife and Tube (from when we were called The Dylan Ja Escape Plan)

Ironically, or at least unexpectedly, our live shows are all to click-tracks and with loops and things, while these video-songs are all just what you see and without click or anything. All mistakes are left in for your enjoyment.

I left that jacket on an aeroplane once, so if anyone finds it anywhere in the worlds, it’s mine.