Ronnie Taheny – Renaissance/Point

Ronnie Taheny & the Outhouse Orchestra

One of the biggest projects I’ve been involved in to date is this magnificent double-album by Ronnie Taheny. I was engineer and co-producer, plus drummer, backing vocaller and shakuhachist.

Disc one – Renaissance – is a fairly chilled-out acoustic classical/pop affair, mostly with the Outhouse Orchestra (Marie De Lint on Flute and Amanda Goodfellow on Cello). For lovers of well-written text and lush harmonies.

Disc two – Point – is a bolder and more diverse story. I’m particularly proud of the first two tracks. Pop gold! both of them. They are Ronnie’s idea of a ‘simple and catchy’ song, which, while undeniably catchy, still contains lyrics like “keep in mind your solitude’s fine, but it’s better spent with us” and “Well, you’re eating lead now. Gonna go for Goya’s cred now.” (compare with “stop calling, stop calling, I don’t wanna talk anymore”). This disc also has some out-and-out poetry and sound-scapes and about one million instruments and things. It’ s an explosion of colour and thoughts. And more lush harmonies.

Ronnie’s website (with heaps of stuff including a few free downloadable mp3s)

Renaissance Point on iTunes

Outhouse Orchestra myspace