Southie – Nobody Out There

Southie - Nobody Out There

Earlier this year I hit the studio for a few weeks with Southie (a.k.a. T-Slice to the hip-hop crew). We had a blast, learning bits and scraps of foreign languages, discussing our mutual man-crush on Christopher Hitchens, constructing toy birds out of percussion instruments, clamps and blu-tack and recording a bit of music.

Tim came in with a swag-ful of catchy un-cliched songs and an open mind, and we had a great time combing through the songs (with a metaphorical comb NOT AN ACTUAL COMB) making sure every cubic centimetre was interesting and pleasing to the listener.

I started out as co-producer but ‘Chief Reverb Applier’ would be a better description of what took place. I think I played some percussion here and there too.

Chris Weber has a couple of guest spots on trumpet, Flik Freeman makes some bass-like noises and a couple of tracks feature a choir that may or may not have known that they were in a choir at the time.

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And there’s a clip for this song!

Southie – Nobody Out There from Tim Lucas on Vimeo.