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Watch and listen to the full Waxworks film with our new score here:

“Plovers”! A new 1.1 Immermann EP!

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And it’s free!

Recorded live in the studio. No overdubs, no nothing. Tunes by Deerhunter, 13 & God, Tobacco, Caribou and a few Immermann classics.

1.1 Immermann

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1.1 Immermann

[Photo by Liz Keatch]

– Five (or sometimes four or six) piece instrumental rock band

– Based Adelaide, South Australia

– Jarrad – drums/misc/production, Dylan Marshall – guitar, James Brown – guitar and some combination of Lyndon Gray – bass, Flik Freeman – bass, Jess Porter – guitar & Fleur Green – vibraphone/violin

– Finely detailed arrangements, melody-driven compositions, sonically lush and unique

A bunch of live Coma Jazz Flip albums: hear me drumming or listen to a string quartet play Immermann tunes

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I was involved in a few of the Jazz Flip things which Coma puts on at Fringe time. Jazz Flip is where artists or bands get together and swap repertoire for one night.

Here is 1.1 Immermann playing the music of the fabulous Adelaide string quartet Zephyr Quartet:


And here is Zephyr playing our tunes:


I was also in guitarist Dylan Marshall’s band, playing the music of guitarist James Brown. It turned out really well. In a few of the tracks I play drums and drum machine (Roland SP-202) simultaneously.


And while we’re at it, to completely document my history with the Jazz Flip concept, here’s Ross McHenry’s group from 2012 playing the tunes of Lyndon Gray:


Zephyr Quartet and then 1.1 Immermann playing Sensible Haircut Dan

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So for Fringe this year, Coma put on a series of shows wherein different bands or artists played together but swapped repertoire. Immermann and the Zephyr Quartet played together. One of my compositions played by them was Sensible Haircut Dan (from Extra Knusprig) and we decided to quickly play it as well so you could hear the contrasting arrangements. This video by Dave Streeter has them back to back.

1.1 Immermann – The General (new album!)

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Here’s a new album from 1.1 Immermann! It’s our original soundtrack to the epic 1926 Buster Keaton film The General. It’s over an hour of new music. Lots of guitars, drums, drum machines, synths and fast bass playing. $5 and the mp3s are yours to keep FOREVER, or you can just stream it all from bandcamp whenever you desire.

1.1 Immermann – Extra Knusprig

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So it’s finally out. The first album took about four years to produce and this one only took two, so I guess that’s pretty good progress. Things of mine tend to take a long time if I don’t have a deadline.

So head right on over to the bandcamp site, where you can stream the whole thing as many times as you like for free, or download your very own very high bitrate mp3s (or flac) files to keep, or even order a CD which I will mail/post to you in the mail/post.

Here are 22 exclusive tidbits to reward you for coming to my site:


A bunch more new live 1.1 Immermann footage

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David Streeter has struck again: four audio-visual recordings of an Immermann gig at COMA earlier this year.

Song of the Sad Assassin (a very good Why? song)

Sensible Haircut Dan (from our basically finished, not yet released new album)

Air Bandung (also from that album)

1.1 Immermann Theme (an oldie, but with brand new James Brown noise solo in the middle)

1.1 Immermann – Samizdat video

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So MAPS filmed us playing one of our new tunes. I think it turned out very nicely indeed. It was nice getting to actually play the song rather than having to mime along with a recording.

1.1 Immermann – Chromakey Dreamcoat / Bocuma “Music-Video”

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Filmed and edited and stuff by me. The Music is from our “Clovers” EP. (Music written by Boards of Canada.)

1.1 Immermann – “Clovers”

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1.1 Immermann - "Clovers"


A new Immermann EP! Recorded mostly live to “tape” in Studio Concrète not too long ago. It featuers us playing other people’s music.

1. Chromakey Dreamcoat / Bocuma (Boards of Canada) (film clip)
2. 1983 (Flying Lotus)
3. Song of the Sad Assassin (Why?)
5. OnThatNewThing / Luki (Madlib / John McLaughlin)
7. Leaf House (Animal Collective)
8. What Do We Find (Jarrad Payne)
9. Alone in Kyoto (Air)

1.1 Immermann Theme music video

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This is 1.1 Immermann playing a track off our first and eponymous album in stop motion.

1.1 Immermann – 1.1 Immermann

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1.1 ImmermannMy band’s first album! You should totally buy it I reckon. Below are a few free, full length, high quality tracks from the album.
I spent about four years working on this, on and off.

Like us on Face-Book!

Stream the whole thing or download it for $5!

1.1 Immermann - 1.1 Immermann – buy the mp3s from the whole album!