voiceROM – Vague In Japan video clip, featuring many excellent 1980s Japanese commercials

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A new clip for the first track off Sad Music For Losers.

La Voicerom / Peanuts

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An other video! This one is a radical departure from my usual technique of not using La Toya Jackson footage.

voiceROM – Tumblers (Quail Party) Music-Video

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Featuring two types of quail!

From the “album” Tennis News.

Marmalade Circus – live in the studio

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We donned vests, threw up a bunch of mics and placed phone cameras around the room at a recent Marmalade Circus rehearsal. Here are the results.


voiceROM – All Killer Whale No Filler Whale music video

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A short little film clip for the first track off Fun. Featuring members of the Marmalade Circus (which I am also in, by the way).

1.1 Immermann – Samizdat video

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So MAPS filmed us playing one of our new tunes. I think it turned out very nicely indeed. It was nice getting to actually play the song rather than having to mime along with a recording.

voiceROM – Poison Clan Techniques

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voiceROM - Poison Clan Technique


Most of this was actually made before voiceROM was a thing. But we spruced it up and gave it a proper VR release anyway. It has the most rapping of any of our “albums” so far, performed by the guys who dubbed the film ‘Five Deadly Venoms’. I haven’t been able to find out their names. Sam Zerna says that this one is his favourite.

And here it is, synced with the film. (The mix is better on the proper “album” release.)

In The Studio With voiceROM

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All secrets are revealed in this releaving documentary / music video. It contains heaps of our released music plus some stuff not on any “albums”. It took me freaking ages to make this because my laptop gets incredibly hot when dealing with video, so I’d like everyone to watch it all the time if possible please.

1.1 Immermann – Chromakey Dreamcoat / Bocuma “Music-Video”

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Filmed and edited and stuff by me. The Music is from our “Clovers” EP. (Music written by Boards of Canada.)

1.1 Immermann Theme music video

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This is 1.1 Immermann playing a track off our first and eponymous album in stop motion.