voiceROM – rejected artwork

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I’ve been doing most of the artwork for the voiceROM releases. Here are a bunch that didn’t quite make the cut.

La Voicerom was heavily influenced by La Toya Jackson’s terrific album ‘My Country Collection’, and the cover needed to reflect that. Here are the two albums side by side for you to compare:

La voicerom inspiration

I thought a straight lift might work

La Voicerom4 2

but it didn’t quite have enough pop. So I thought I’d put Dylan’s head on it. The results were just as excellent as you’d think.

La Voicerom5 2

Dylan disapproved for some reason though.


Here is an early version of Lounge, which just wasn’t quite interesting enough.

lounge sm


We didn’t know what we were going to call ‘Fun’ for quite a while. We tried going with ‘Poing Poing Poing, Poing: Poing Poing, Poing’


and then we thought maybe a catchier title would be ‘That Awkwardly Spaced Font That Chinese People Use All The Time’


before we settled on ‘Fun’. This was before I’d heard of the band ‘fun.’, by the way.


Here is an earlier version of ‘Get Your Head In The Game’, in the style of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’.

get your head insp


Here’s something, but I don’t know what.



This one just sucked too much.



Dylan did the Poison Clan Techniques cover, but here is an earlier draft that I had made.


It’s funny because a crucial point of the movie is the fact that most of this clan had never met the others, as clearly stated by the dying master in the opening scene, but then we are treated to this shot of them all lined up together.


And finally, here is a rare look at what is on the board in the background of the ‘Boring Music for Boring Animals’ cover.SAM_0056